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Lagniappe PAC is a nonpartisan resource with one mission – bring to light the self-serving agenda of Louisiana’s serial candidates. By providing a “little bit of extra” information to voters, Lagniappe PAC is dedicated to supporting a new generation of leadership for our state and ushering out “career politicians” that are at the heart of the decimation of Louisiana. The continuous use of partisan politics has only produced opportunities for these perennial politicians to further their own political interests by manipulating voters through empty rhetoric. Their inefficient terms in office have only furthered government dysfunction.

These types of establishment candidates are only interested in the next title and current offices are a mere warm seat for them to fill until the next election cycle comes around. In the meantime, their disinterest and inability to solve Louisiana’s problems is a testament to their failed leadership. These politicians have tried to buy every title in the book; from Lord, Governor, Attorney General, Congressman (three times), to Senator. They have been liberal, conservative and every thing in between – depending on climate and polls – and from infrastructure to equal pay, these career politicians have abandoned the needs of their constituency in exchange for political gain.

The “good ol’ boys” have paved a broken road in Louisiana, leaving us all behind to rebuild. Louisianans demand real leadership to pave the way. The stakes are too high to allow another dishonest, self-serving politician to represent Louisiana in the United States Senate, Congress or any other elected position.

Lagniappe PAC is the future of Louisiana fighting for Louisiana‘s future.